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“R-iV provides top notch technology and have great business experience and contacts!”

Gianluca Valentini is convinced that a more sophisticated allocation of investors capital would be a win-win for both entrepreneur and investment company. The key for success is a more reliable and transparent valuation of businesses. This is why he and his business partner Daniel Faloppa designed an information platform that documents the value of a company in less than 30 minutes. A great help for entrepreneurs to present their business case and for investors to make better decisions.

The Equidam platform, which is available for more than 1 year now, is hosted by Rotterdam Internet Valley. “This is top notch technology with a great service,” says Valentini. “Furthermore we have been benefitting from our neighbours (NB. R-iV and Equidam are both based in the Rotterdam Science Tower) business contacts and experience over the past year and this helped us to acquire a good investor. With our investors support we are able to release great functionality and additional user interfaces for our platform.”

Equidam is growing fast, the system lists over 1500 detailed company profiles today and ca. 100-150 investors are using the system to valuate opportunities in a smart and easy way. Those company profiles over time may include some other members of the R-iV community. Valentini: “You never know how our system can help some of the R-iV community members to find a good investor for their internet startup.”

Profile entrepreneur

After earning his bachelor in Italy, Gianluca Valentini moved to Holland and finished his Master in Science, Finance and Investment at the Rotterdam School of Management. About 2 years ago he started the development of the Equidam solution together with his business partner and fellow student Daniel Faloppa. In 2013 the first version of the information platform Equidam was launched and since then several new releases with additional functionality have been released. By now the database of Equidam contains 1500 company profiles and the valuation service has been used by more than 120 customers and the company has 7 employees and is rapidly growing.

Product / Service

The Equidam information system provides an estimate of the market value of companies based upon a full data analysis. The tool is a major asset for entrepreneurs enabling them to present a reliable and attractive picture to potential investors. At the same time the tool is a very powerful research tool for investors validating potential investments or accountants or consultants advising on capital transactions.

Equidam is the platform that will change the rules of the early-stage investment sector by providing the entrepreneurial community with a wide range of professional tools and services. The features available span from the highlighting of value-drivers in a simple and intuitive design to the more advanced valuation models.

Gainluca's Dream

Enable proper allocation of capital to appropriate targets for both investors and entrepreneurs. Our rich information system should prevent from last minute deal breakers by offering compete inter information transparency.

Why R-IV

Equidam started using the technical platform of R-iV. “This is top notch! Great technology for our system,” says Gianluca Valentini. As Equidam and the R-iV team are located in the same building, Valentini had a lot of contact with the business coaches at this community for internet start-ups. R-IV facilitated an introduction to an investment company and from there the success of the Equidam solution really accelerated. “And as there are many start ups in the R-iV community, you never know how our system can help some of the R-iV community members to find a good investor for their internet startup!”

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