eting - the mobile app to expand your professional network

eTing - The mobile app to expand your professional network

Meet online connect offline!

eTing is the mobile professional networking app which allows you to expand your professional network with one swipe. The easy and accessible app enables you to find new professionals that matter to you. You log in with Linkedin and automatically your eTing network card is created. Within three steps you tell us what kind of professional you are, who you are looking for and in which industry. Because our app is location based you can then start swiping (Tinder-like) through potential new connections. Once somebody is also interested in meeting you and like you back you have a match. A chat appears and you can start a conversation about your professional interests. But our slogan is Meet online, Connect offline for a reason. We believe that every professional relation should start face-to-face. In the match you will get a pop-up with a suggestion for a local eTing cafe where you can really connect.

Are you a big network club, organisation or alumni group? And do you also struggle to get an overview of the quality of the network you have build up? eTing Exclusive is the solution and brings these groups a mobile app that allows you to finally fully leverage the value of the network. With easy to use features like Members4Members, integrated news-feed and a highly technical search engine your employee or network member now has a tool to fully engage with their fellow members. For the more information do not hesitate to contact us!



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