We’ve been helping so many talented artists in doing what they love most: making music. Most artists find it difficult to cope with the ever growing pressure of also being a businessman (or woman ;)). Helping out all those talented artists one by one meant that we could not help ‘m all. We wanted to change that and came up with Krumbl. Krumbl connects artists, fans and venues.

Krumbl connects artists, fans and venues by connecting their activity on social media. By doing this taking away the cluttered world of finding a gig (and no more dreadful mailings with EPK’s with no reaction). It enables artists to easily locate venues that have good reason, other than your fabulous playing style and performance, to book you. Artists can find their way easily to their fans and play great venues.

Our dream is to change the lives of artists by ensuring that they can perform for a growing amount of fans.

"As we connect artists and venues, Rotterdam Internet Valley connects us to the world of starting up a tech company. R-iV connects us with valuable partners and investors while hosting true networking events that we need to grow our idea into an essential tool for the international music industry." - Frank Mosselman



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