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The Wayv

We believe that people with ideas, dreams and businesses color our world.

We believe that crowdfunding is a great way to realize all those dreams, ideas and businesses.

Every person with a dream, idea or business has its own story. Wayv Crowdfunding is a fun and powerful tool to share your story, to involve people passionate about your idea and to realise your plan together. Everyone who wants to contribute, now easily can donate money, time and knowledge to your project. This is how Wayv Crowdfunding helps people to color our world!

Wayv Crowdfunding is based on a ‘donation/reward’ model.

The donation/reward model means that people who support you (‘Backers’) are willing to donate financial support. They love you not only for what you do, but for why you do it. In exchange they get exciting rewards and take part in a great journey.

Wayv Crowdfunding is not just a funding tool, it’s an unique way to connect with people passionate about your idea, to involve future customers and to create lifetime ambassadors. Wayv Crowdfunding is a different way to launch and improve your products, services or business.

We have chosen for the donation/reward model, because of our vision and trends we identify. In our view the world is moving towards new business models based on transparency, trust and sustainable relationships. We see a shift in the relationship between a business and its clients. Consumer are no longer just buyers. They have become more atriculate and demanding about their real needs. There’s a fast growing group of what we call ‘presumers’, who like to get involved in the the creation of goods and services. In exchange they are willing to support these ideas, even before they exist.



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